We partnered with for our latest awareness project. We are deeply concerned about the resolution of the homeless pet crisis. We share‘s beliefs that these animals urgently need us to take the lead and speak out on their behalf. Dogs, pet owners, and supporters can proudly wear the ADOPT image I created to show their support. All profits generated from the sale of OBEY Awareness products go directly to support the cause.

Please check out the collar and leash for sale at Obey Clothing.

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Lead by Example ADOPT-A-PET.COM

“These animals urgently need us to take the lead and speak out on their behalf, now more than ever!” 
-Shepard Fairey

Release of special edition Shepard Fairey ADOPT print, originally created to commemorate what was hoped to be the first presidential shelter adoption in history, is now being released with the words, “LEAD BY EXAMPLE.”  The directive is a ‘call to action’ to raise awareness for the plight of shelter animals nationwide.

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Having recently created the ADOPT image for, I am heartened to see how many people care deeply for the plight of our fellow creatures.

I must have signed over 100 of the ADOPT stickers at the Manifest Hope show in DC. Pia Salk from was there sporting the ADOPT “T” and giving out the stickers. They were in such high demand that she actually ran out. So FYI, the stickers and other ADOPT stuff are available at:

As for the limited edition ADOPT prints, here’s the skinny on those….

Prints will go on sale on Friday, February 6th at a random time at
(Please note, they will NOT be purchasable though the ObeyGiant site.)

They will be limited to 1 per customer. I have signed and numbered each print (limited run of 400). Prints will cost $200 and all proceeds will go towards helping the millions of animals in shelters get seen and adopted. Who knows, maybe I’ll even throw a signed ADOPT sticker into one or two of the tubes when they are shipped…a la, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory…

I’m glad to see that the ADOPT image has rallied such strong support for these animals. Check out adoptable animals in your area and other ways to help at

– Shepard

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SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is pleased to present A Primitive Future, an exhibition featuring new work by AJ Fosik, Ben Venom, Frohawk Two Feathers, Haroshi, Lucien Shapiro, and Ravi Zupa.

A Primitive Future focuses on the cultural, social, economic, and guiding principles of past versus future belief systems and practices. How do we determine right and wrong or acceptable and unacceptable in both the aesthetics of art and in societal behavior? How will colonialism take shape in the future? How has craft morphed with the everyday and become timeless? Has society in general become more “civilized” or are we the same just in different form? What can the future look like?

Exhibition Dates: December 5, 2015 – January 6, 2016
Reception Date: Saturday, December 5th // 8 – 11 PM

Subliminal Projects
1331 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

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Street Art or Fine Art?

Check out today’s article by artnet focusing on Shepard’s involvement in both street art, fine art, and his transgressive vision which enables navigation of both.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“Fairey’s use of powerful, accessible images and messages display an influence from early advertising, alt culture, and Pop artists like Andy Warhol. This combination of clear messaging and graphic compositions gives his work a broad appeal that speaks to a wide cross section of society.”

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Open Source Project X Philadelphia

I was invited by my friend, curator, and frequent collaborator, Pedro Alonzo to be part of the Open Source project he put together with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Philadelphia Mural Arts program. I love the concept of Open Source because I believe in democratizing art and using art as a way to disseminate images with social commentary. My art has always had a viral component, but the Internet has allowed me to not only share my work with a much larger audience, but also to provide digital tools to that audience to help spread my images if they believe in the messages. I chose to focus on mass incarceration for my contribution to Open Source because I think the true costs and problems of the current system need to be addressed, and prison reform is needed. Prison reform is a complex topic, but please check out the Vice examination of the issue HERE. I designed two prison reform murals for the Open Source project. I will be painting one with my assistants while the other will be painted by the inmates who are part of the Mural Arts program at Graterford Prison. The inmates can’t leave the prison so they paint on parachute material which is then adhered to the outdoor wall with acrylic gel medium. Both murals are about de-stigmatizing incarceration. Seventy million Americans have a criminal record (I’m one of them) and when re-entering society it is important that these people have training and ways to overcome the label of “ex-con” that can be so stifling to opportunities. I chose to present, within stamp style compositions, a man and woman who were incarcerated, but are now doing inspiring and noteworthy things with their lives. I also included some relevant statistics about incarceration in the art. In addition to my public art contribution to the project, free stickers will be offered, and a selection of my prison reform images are available for free HERE.

The stickers will be available at: The Hub Space 30 S. 15th Street, Philadelphia, across from Dilworth Park. They will also be available during the talk I’m doing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the panel I’m in with Rich Miner on Thursday morning, the DJ event on Friday night, and the Restorative Justice Panel on Saturday. I have to mention that it was very difficult to find property owners willing to showcase prison reform themed murals. I admire the courage and humanity of those willing to showcase the art. I was especially moved by the American Friends Service Committee, a part of the Quaker organization, who see prison reform as part of their mission to create peace, justice, and equality in the world.

I’m very grateful to those with enough courage, compassion, and basic humanity to care about this issue and see a need for emphasis on rehabilitation rather than indefinite incarceration. Recidivism rates for those people in prison arts programs is 50% lower than for typical parolees.
Thanks for caring!

Check out the video and click below for links to the event pages:

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Legendary west coast skate and surf artist Kevin Ancell has a new art show opening up. Check it out!

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There are 4 more days left to donate to Lawrence Lessig’s campaign to hit $1 million and take meaningful steps toward anti-corruption reform.  Lawrence Lessig is fighting for our equality as citizens by restoring voting rights and changing the way campaigns are funded.  Help him restore democracy by contributing to his campaign. The time is RIGHT NOW! Thanks for caring.   – Shepard

The Citizen Equality Act is presented here as a template for three fundamental reforms that must happen if we are to have equal citizens. We are presenting this package now, pointing to the proposed legislative source for each element. If the campaign is launched after Labor Day, then in the fall, we will crowdsource a process to complete the details of this reform, and turn it into proposed legislation by January 1.


We must have a system that guarantees a meaningfully equal freedom to vote. To achieve that, we must at a minimum enact the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015 and the Voter Empowerment Act of 2015. We should as well add automatic registration, and shift election day to a national holiday.


Equal citizens must have equal representation in Congress. That means, districts must be drawn, and election systems structured, so as to give each citizen as close to equal political influence as possible.FairVote has offered the most comprehensive solution to achieve this equality. At a minimum, the Citizen Equality Act would incorporate their  proposed “Ranked Choice Voting Act,” which ends political gerrymandering and creates multi-member districts with ranked choice voting for Congress.


A core corruption of our political system is the concentration of funders of political campaigns. That concentration creates extraordinary inequality. The Citizen Equality Act would end that inequality, at a minimum by adopting a campaign funding proposal that is a hybrid between John Sarbanes’ Government by the People Act, and Represent.US’s “American Anti-Corruption Act.” That hybrid would give every  voter a voucher to contribute to fund congressional and presidential campaigns; it would provide matching funds for small-dollar contributions to congressional and presidential campaigns. And it would add effective new limits to restrict the revolving door between government service and work as a lobbyist.

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Indigenous #WaveOfAction Invokes the Sacred

“The connection between the human beings here and the identification of the interconnectedness is like the tide rolling in: one wave after another of this new understanding rolling ashore.” – Casey Camp, Ponca Nation… (Read More)

The unveiling of the new #WaveOfAction organizing network on Tuesday’s call went very well. Thank you to all of you who were on it. We’ve already had many people jump right in and set up their virtual camp. Response has been very positive!

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UPDATE: I decided that funds from God Saves and Satan Invests will benefit  Thanks for caring,  -Shepard


This GOD SAVES & SATAN INVESTS print was inspired by the multiple school and mass shootings that have occurred in recent months. As many of you know from my “2nd Amendment Solutions” print from a couple years ago, I’m not a big fan of the absurd abundance of guns in the U.S. I’m also perplexed by the claim of much of the nation to have “Christian values”. If god tells us to love our neighbor and not to take another human life, where do the assault weapons and piles of ammo fit into these “Christian values”? I personally think assault weapons fall more in the “Satan’s values” category. I’m not religious, and the text in this print is designed more to illustrate the hypocrisy and  contrast between “values” and actions in this country than to make a religious statement. Anyway, if you claim to dig god, lay off of satan’s tools…. if you don’t believe in god, lay off of satan’s tools! We live in statistically the safest time in human history, so the idea one would need an assault weapon for self defense is ridiculous. These weapons are tools of aggression, not defense. and any sane person not clouded by irrational fear would reach the same conclusion. When I ponder the demand for these killing machines, I see Satan metaphorically at work in the darkest, fear-based impulses of humanity. We can rise above and be better!
I get the 2nd Amendment, but the right to bear arms should NOT BE UNCONDITIONAL.
The 2nd Amendment reads:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”It was adopted in 1791 shortly after the revolutionary war in which the colonies had freed themselves from an English monarchy that gave the colonies no representation. The wisdom of the 2nd Amendment was to ensure that a state militia could combat dictatorial oppression. I would assert that putting guns in the hands of a large portion of the civilian population was probably not what the founding fathers had in mind. I’d also say that our nations founders could not have predicted the rise of technology enabling people to acquire weapons capable of shooting dozens of rounds in mere seconds.My concern over very easy access to guns seems reasonably well founded. I’m perplexed by America’s love of guns. .I grew up in South Carolina hunting with my dad and we always had shotguns in the house. My dad put a framed piece in my room that said “A wise hunter once said: all the Pheasants ever bred won’t repay for one man dead”. I was taught to honor and value human life. Also, the shotguns used for hunting were required by law for duck hunting, to only hold three shells at a time. The idea was that it was excessive to shoot more than three times at a bird. No one needs a gun that shoots 10, 20, 50 rounds. Whatever your feelings are about hunting, you can use a three shot shotgun to defend your home, but guns are easy to misuse. A lot of people claim to own guns for self-defense, but check out the statistics below. Guns lead to intentional or unintentional misuse far more often than they are used for justifiable, self-defense related homicides.The Self Defense statsFor every time a gun in the home is used in a self-defense homicide, a gun will be used in:
• 1.3 accidental deaths
• 4.6 criminal homicides
• 37 suicidesHere is an editorial about congress. Let’s save lives and hold lawmakers and the NRA accountable!Thanks for caring

.-Shepard Fairey

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