Lead by Example ADOPT-A-PET.COM

April 20, 2009

“These animals urgently need us to take the lead and speak out on their behalf, now more than ever!” 
-Shepard Fairey

Release of special edition Shepard Fairey ADOPT print, originally created to commemorate what was hoped to be the first presidential shelter adoption in history, is now being released with the words, “LEAD BY EXAMPLE.”  The directive is a ‘call to action’ to raise awareness for the plight of shelter animals nationwide.

According to Adopt-a-Pet.com spokesperson Pia Salk, “We had hoped that Shepard’s latest version of the iconic ADOPT poster would be a celebratory one – to commemorate the historic day that a dog adopted from a shelter or rescue group took up residence in the White House. Now however, it a plea for everyone to ‘Lead by Example!
We at Adopt-a-Pet.com are more committed than ever to getting the millions of great shelter animals currently waiting to be adopted, seen, saved and into loving homes. Proceeds from the print purchase will go entirely towards these efforts. ”

Shepard Fairey and the folks at Adopt-a-Pet.com still have hope that the first family will ultimately adopt a shelter dog as a companion for their new pup. If they do, the original black and gold ADOPT print that was slated to include that historic adoption date on the dogs collar will be completed and released as a true celebratory and commemorative piece of pet adoption history.

In the meantime, that date has been replaced with the “Lead by Example” directive,

According to Artist Shepard Fairey, The ‘Lead by Example’ ADOPT image is a powerful one and it is my hope that this new print will give people a way to advoacte for these animals and show their support at the same time.”

For information on the print and to search for adoptable pets, go to http://www.adoptapet.com. The print will be available exclusively though Adoptapet.com and not at Obey Giant, so please sign up for the alert there. Thanks for supporting the cause!

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