NFT / OBEY Token

What Is $OBEY?

The Obey Giant project has always played with and explored concepts around consumerism, capitalism and value – both the value we place on things and the value placed upon things by others. Street Art at its very core balances experiences and objects that are valued and treasured by some while being discarded and ignored by others. Web3 has given us the opportunity to examine this structure closer and create micro-economies that exist independently. Social Tokens are a form of currency that holds social, rather than financial, value within a community. We created $OBEY as a means of membership and belonging that can be used by the posse. Similar to the DEGENERATE/REGENERATE NFTs, simply holding them in your wallet may signal to others something about you and what experiences and artistic creations you value. 

What can I do with $OBEY

Initially, holding $OBEY tokens will grant you access to gated sections of the Obey Discord which will be the primary place where future usages will be announced. In the future, we expect to have physical, digital, exclusive, and/or limited-edition releases which will be announced early or exclusively to $OBEY holders (though we do not yet have a fixed timeline).

Can I buy $OBEY

We do not sell $OBEY. $OBEY is a social token intended to be used within the Obey Giant web3 community for unique experiences and early access to creative works. 

How can I get $OBEY

$OBEY will be occasionally distributed to pre-existing NFT holders and made available for limited times on the Obey Discord. These distributions will be occasional and are at the discretion of Obey Giant. $OBEY may also be given out with specific purchases and as rewards/incentives for specific actions in the future.

How do I know if I have $OBEY?

Many tokens can have the same name, so it’s best to use the contract address, not the name when looking for it. $OBEY is an ERC-20 token that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. You can add it to Metamask by looking under the “Assets” tab towards the bottom to find “Import Tokens.” On the following page switch to “Custom Token” and search using the contract address for $OBEY which is: 0xa7C098E26cbd9aAA515dF140d7020fB46a98be37

Disclaimer: $OBEY is intended for limited use for experiences and access. Holders should have no expectation of profit and $OBEY tokens may have no value. We don’t control the underlying technology or network. If you have further questions consult an outside [legal / tax] professional.