Unity: D*Face, Kai & Sunny, and Shepard Fairey Group Show Opens Sept. 9th at Stolenspace in London.

September 02, 2021

Unity doesn’t mean a lack of individuality, difference, or conflict. Unity means acknowledging those things while finding common ground and common humanity to work through them. Unity doesn’t require repressing yourself or unseeing things about others, but it does demand expressing yourself while seeing a bit more of yourself in others. I’ve known D*Face for 22 years and Kai & Sunny for about half that long. We are all very strong personalities, but we like each other’s art and have collaborated on imagery a few times and shown each other’s art and our own art in our respective galleries.

However, until the Unity show opening on Sept. 9 at Stolenspace in London, we have never all collaborated on a large number of pieces incorporating at least two, but often all three, artists in each piece. Our styles are all very different, but therein lies the challenge of solving visual problems, which aren’t even problems… they are opportunities for fun, mischief, and unity. We’ve all trusted each other to work on top of each other’s art pieces or re-work each other’s imagery. The results take the form of paintings, mixed-media assemblages, and limited edition screen prints. While the world is succumbing to nationalism and tribalism, I’m lucky to have these guys as friends and collaborators with whom I can share some unity.


StolenSpace are pleased to welcome world renowned artists, D*Face, Kai & Sunny and Shepard Fairey in an unique collaborative exhibition.

The artists have enjoyed a longstanding relationship throughout the decades, which has now sparked the idea of a collaborative exhibition. It is completely fitting that these three artists should display their work together, with each being inspired by nature, relationships and, the politics of the world. These themes are woven together by their shared expertise of design led graphic aesthetics and clean line-work. Their individual yet complementary styles have developed over time alongside their friendship; starting from a shared college experience between D*Face and Kai & Sunny, which led to Kai & Sunny’s first exhibit held at StolenSpace Gallery, to the 20 year long friendship between Shepard Fairey and D*Face, and Kai & Sunny exhibiting and collaborating with Shepard Fairey at Subliminal Projects in L.A.

The recurring themes of unity and nature in each of the artists’ work, can be used to visually explore the power of nature as a force for change, as it encourages humanity to come together as one and inspire a romanticisation of a better world for the future generation. The current climate we are living in demands the need for human connection and consideration of our planet and ourselves.

This exhibition responds by uniting the talents of three styles, and friends, who can express these issues through the powerful medium of their art. Consisting of around 30 collaboratively worked pieces , including a collaboration printed edition, this show will be a truly unforgettable, shared narrative.

•To register interest for this show please email or call +44 (0)207 247 2684.