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George's 17th Birthday!

Today is George’s 17th birthday! My wife Amanda and I had been married about a year when we decided in 2002 that we’d like to get a dog. I had just been in Philadelphia poster-bombing with my friend Ben Woodward, who brought along his dog Leroy, a one-eyed black Pug. Leroy was so cute, affectionate, snorty, and funny, that I was dead set on a black Pug for our LA household. Amanda and I thought a dog would be a good companion and test for our future parenting skills.. you know, if we could keep a dog alive, maybe we could do the same for a human? We picked George up from Bakersfield CA in Oct. 2002 and while we were getting tips from his human parents, they kept lecturing us about the dangers of the disease Parvo. They basically said “don’t take him to the park… he’ll get Parvo, don’t let him in the yard … he’ll get Parvo, don’t let him on the sidewalk… he’ll get Parvo!" It seemed so inevitable that George would get Parvo, that Amanda and I started calling him Parvo Boy as a nickname. More recently I saw the Latin phrase “Multum in Parvo” and discovered that it means “a lot in a small space or package!" Damn, that describes our little buddy George perfectly! We are so grateful for our 17 years with the most friendly and hilarious small dog with a big personality! Viva George!⁠ - Shepard and Amanda

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