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26 x 26 inches. Offset on cream Speckletone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Open edition, not numbered. Limit 5 per order.

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Thoughts on Gun Violence After Parkland School Shooting

Guns lead to intentional and unintentional misuse far more often than they are used for justifiable, self-defense related homicides. Check the stats. For every time a gun is used in a self-defense homicide, a gun will be used in 1.3 accidental deaths and 4.6 criminal homicides.

Recent events have shown us that gun violence is still a serious problem that the NRA and our current administration neglect to acknowledge. I stand with all the Parkland School Shooting survivors who’ve shown an immense amount of strength and bravery through this horrific and ungodly massacre. If you’re passionate about gun control, join students, teachers, parents, and allies around the nation and March For Our Lives on Saturday, March 24! It’s time speak up and stand up if you believe in safety over intimidation. - Shepard

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