Tunnel Vision Recap

November 28, 2018

Thank you Artmossphere for capturing progress on “Tunnel Vision,” one of two large-scale murals I completed this September in Moscow, Russia in conjunction with my solo exhibition “Force Majeure.” Inspired by the bold aesthetics of Russian Constructivism, the design showcases a printing press coupled with my Star Gear design in its center. The phrase “Art should be everywhere” – which is above the printing press, aligns perfectly with my philosophy and is inspired by quotes from artists Vladimir Mayakovsky and Keith Haring. I think the symbolism of both the visual content of the mural, a printing press disseminating work, and the fact that the mural is on the streets in public view, reinforces the text of the piece. The title “Tunnel Vision” is meant to be a bit ironic because I think art expands rather than narrows people’s view of the world. Thank you MMOMA, Artmossphere, and Wunderkammern Gallery for the opportunity and support. – Shepard