Throwback to San Diego, CA 2010

October 01, 2020

The crew and I went down to San Diego in 2010 to work on some murals and attend the “Viva La Revolucion” show at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. I painted the Burmese Monk at 30 feet high with my team, and we also did a huge mural on 5th in Hillcrest, and a couple stenciled large icons around SD. It was a nice way to return to San Diego after dealing with a fair amount of police harassment when I lived there from ’96-’01. Almost all the artists in the show did outdoor works, which was a big deal for the very clean and conservative city of San Diego. Of course, the younger crowd, which the city seemed to ignore at the time, was enthusiastically supportive and showed up to the museum opening in record numbers. Hopefully, the city recognized the positive impact a show like this made upon the creative community and community at large—photos by Geoff Hargadon. -Shepard