Take Action: Pass a Local Resolution to Overturn Citizens United

March 14, 2012

Amending the U.S. Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision is an enormous undertaking. To reclaim our democracy from the deep pockets of special interests and the super wealthy, we must build a network of Americans ready to get to work.

Are you one of those Americans?

By signing my petition, you and thousands of likeminded citizens have helped me champion the OCCUPIED Amendment in Washington. Now, I am asking you to help me take this fight from the halls of Congress to your city council.

Will you sign up to help pass a resolution in your local community calling for a constitutional amendment?

Sign up to participate in Resolutions Week and you’ll be linked up with national organizers who are helping Americans across the country save our democracy.

Every city council, county commission, or state legislature that proclaims its support for amending the Constitution brings our nation one step closer towards a democracy that works for all of us – not just corporations and a few well-connected billionaires.

I hope you’ll sign up to participate in Resolutions Week by clicking here.

Thank you again. Let’s continue to build a movement to return our democracy to the people.

Kind regards,

Congressman Ted Deutch