SSI Picture Disc drops today

June 28, 2012

Some of you may remember my SSI poster collab with my friend John Goff. If so, this story may seem redundant, but note that the word “poster” has been replaced with the word “disc” because we worked on an SSI vinyl picture disc. It turned out very nicely as art and music. John is also publishing and releasing great screen prints by artists like Brin Levinson and a Cleon Peterson print drops soon.

I met John Goff in 1997 while I was living in San Diego. He liked my work and offered to help me screen print. I was broke so I could not afford a drying rack for the prints. John would lay the prints out to dry on the floor He would never accept money, but only asked for posters(which were virtually worthless at the time) in return for his efforts. John was easy to work with because once he discovered we both liked the Melvins, he started bringing great records over. I got all the Kraftwerk albums from John and realized that he was really into electronic music. Now,  years later, John’s love of electronic music collides with me owing him a favor. John has an electronic music project with his brother Will called SSI (Sonic Solutions Incorporated) and asked me to design an SSI picture disc. You can check out and buy the disc here. John is also an audio whiz and has been helping me re-edit some songs to DJ with. If you’ve heard any of my DJ sets some of my work with John was in the mix.