Seeing No Stranger With Valarie Kaur

April 14, 2022

I was introduced to Valarie Kaur’s writing and activism when I made the “Rebirth” portrait of her for Amplifier. I then read her book “See No Stranger” and I was amazed by her story and the way that generous compassion shapes her activism and overall approach to life. – Shepard

WATCH this historic & beautiful encounter between legendary artist Shepard Fairey + visionary leader Valarie Kaur. Tender, intimate, and powerful. Valarie’s book See No Stranger is available in the US & UK TODAY!

“The Sikh community has always been invisible in the story that America tells itself. It’s not just our pain and struggle and sacrifice and suffering. It’s our wisdom! [But we can] take that medicine and offer it for a new age, a new time — by rejecting hierarchies of human value, by building a movement for revolutionary love.”
– Valarie Kaur

Happy Vaisakhi to Sikhs everywhere!