Santa Fe University x Shepard Fairey

February 26, 2013

I was recently invited to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design to do a lecture and mural as part the school’s Artists for Positive Social Change series. Public Enemy did it last year, so I was proud to be the follow-up. The talk was full capacity and I enjoyed the conversation with design chair David Grey who I first met at a rave in Main 20 years ago.
   Since it is an art and design school I thought it would be fitting to paint a pro-art, anti-war mural. I actually submitted the design to the University after I thought it had been rejected for a wall next to Baller Art Supply in Silverlake, another art friendly venue. Unexpectedly, Baller decided they liked the art, so there will be a different version of the concept in LA too! Santa Fe was cold… so  cold that my hands were numb enough that I did not realize I had a huge blister from pushing hard on my x-acto knife until after I ran my hands under hot water for a while. Regardless, the mural turned out well and I met a lot of great students. Thanks to Dan Flores and Nicholas Bowers for working through illness to help complete the mural.
-Shepard Fairey
Photograph courtesy of Eric Swanson

Photograph courtesy of Luke Montavon

Photo courtesy of Chris Nail