R.I.P. Charlie Watts

August 24, 2021

It’s sad to acknowledge that time, eventually is not on our side. Mortality catches up to us all. The Rolling Stones, one of the most enduring rock ’n’ roll institutions, has lost its drummer Charlie Watts. Charlie provided the Stones’ beat for almost 60 years. I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, so Top 40 radio was my only music outlet other than my parents’ Streisand and Bee Gees records so “Emotional Rescue” was the first Rolling Stones song I remember falling in love with at age 9 when it was in heavy rotation. The bass line and vocal hook are irresistible. Fortunately, when my dad noticed how much I liked “Emotional Rescue,” he turned me on to “Satisfaction,” and I was then on the lookout for any Rolling Stones records I could get my hands on. With the Stones on my radar I picked up their Tattoo You album in 1981, with its mesmerizing cover art, and then worked my way backward through their amazing 60’s and 70’s output. The Stones compilation, Hot Rocks 1964-1971, is a must-have. I was incredibly honored to be asked by Mick Jagger to design the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary logo back in 2012. Thanks for the music Charlie! Rest In Peace.