“Protect Each Other”

February 09, 2022

Here is the original rubylith illustration (cut out with an X-Acto knife) of “Protect Each Other” from 2017 in collaboration with photographer, Delphine Diallo featuring 12-year-old Menelik. This was a part of the WE THE PEOPLE campaign by Amplifier in 2017 which highlighted groups maligned by the Trump campaign and administration: Latina, Muslim, & African American. Without a doubt, the hate and racism in the U.S. persists with voter suppression, opposition to the teaching of Black history in the classroom, bias in criminal justice, etc… 

In observance of Black History Month, I hope the artwork reminds us of the importance of building just and equitable structures for the development of the youth. We can better shape the future when we thoroughly and honestly assess our history. 

From the archives:
Handcut Rubylith Illustration
15 inches by 22 inches