Positive-Propaganda: Paint It Black

June 30, 2015

I met Sebastian Pohl last fall when I was in Berlin painting my Rose Shackle/Make Art Not War mural. Sebastian explained his Positive-Propaganda project and his passion for bringing artists with social and political themes in their work to do public art in Munich. I knew the non-profit art association Positive-Propaganda from my friends Cyrcle, so I was intrigued, but what really sealed the deal was Sebastian’s understanding of the politics behind my work, and his unrelenting vigilance to find a good wall for me. We discussed doing an anti-military-industrial-complex image because there are many weapons manufacturers around Munich, but we ended up with an ideal wall for my Paint It Black image… one of the buildings for Munich’s renewable energy department! The cultural-mayor Josef Schmid even endorsed the mural because Munich is one of the few cities that supplies all of its citizens with power from renewable sources. Citizens of several German cities have voted to return privatized utilities to public control and demand that they move away from fossil sources to renewable sources. If Germans can do it, Americans can do it!

I donated one of my Paint It Black pieces on wood to help Positive-Propaganda raise funds for future projects. You can read more about it HERE.

You can donate or become a supporting member by visiting this page.

Check out the mural and more pictures from Munich HERE!


Pic: Jon Furlong / Obey Clothing