Please support OFF!’s “Watermelon” Film!

April 24, 2019

Punk rock band OFF! which includes members from Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Redd Kross, and The Black Heart Procession is making a movie called “Watermelon” and according to their lead singer Keith Morris it deals with the band breaking up and then getting back together to combat evil forces in the world! I did a piece of art for their Kickstarter which will be a signed art print, tee shirt, and skateboard… all based on direction from Keith to touch on the following elements:⁣

“You will do what we say” is a mantra straight out of the C.I.A.’s MK Ultra playbook.⁣

The bell-shaped Haunebu Nazi UFO was an ancient Indian flying device that Hitler ordered his scientists to recreate.⁣

The pyramid and all-seeing eye, which appears on the back of the one dollar bill, is a symbol of control used by the Illuminati to ensure dominance over an unsuspecting populace.⁣

These cryptic directions are all I could get from them because Watermelon is, of course, a top-secret project about mind-control which might already have me hypnotized.

You’ll never see what all the intrigue is about unless you support their Kickstarter campaign page:⁣
– Shepard