OBEY x MELVINS Picture Disk

August 01, 2012

Split 7″ picture disc made in conjunction with the “Post-Moral Neanderthal Retardist Pornography” art shows in LA & NYC.  Protected in a clear plastic sleeve.  Only 500 Units made.

A-side: Melvins- “A Growing Disgust”
B-side: Hammerhead- “Lite Industrial”

The Melvins are one of my all-time favorite bands. I discovered their albums Ozma and Bullhead at age 20 in 1990 and I became obsessed. The Melvins channeled Black Flag and Black Sabbath, but brought their own unique style that utilizes power and negative space creating an amazing tension. I followed the Melvins around the northeast on their Houdini tour in ’94 I stalked their singer Buzz Osbourne and gave him some stickers. I hoped Buzz might one day let me do some art for the Melvins. In a seemingly unrelated realm, in ’94 I was also contacted by Amphetamine Reptile Records owner Tom Hazelmeyer to do a poster for Hammerhead, a great noise rock band on his label. That job led to many other Am Rep posters and a long term friendship with Tom who later signed the Melvins. Recently, I was able to be part of a project bringing all these people and bands together. I was asked to do art for a 7 inch picture disk that I initially understood to be just Melvins’ songs. Wrong! it has Hammerhead too. I only have 100 to sell and they will all be signed, but still playable. Art and music… better than chocolate and peanut butter. Get ’em while you can.

-Shepard Fairey
Release Date: 8/7/12 at a random time during the day (PST).
Only 100 available from this website.  Limit 1 per person/household.