November 07, 2012

Whewwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Is my response to last night’s election. Let’s push things forward!

Four years ago, I knew that electing Obama wouldn’t be the magic bullet to fix every one of the nation’s problems. Another four years of Obama will likely not achieve all I hope for, but it will take us forward, not backward. How far forward we can move depends largely on us, not Obama. Progress depends on how hard we push. I’ve often described my approach as the “inside/outside strategy.” Obama can be an ally on the inside, but we have to use all our voices and resources to push from the outside. Your vote is just one very important part of your voice and power. There are many issues on Obama’s agenda that I’d like to see succeed, and the potential for effective results is greatly enhanced by exterior pressure on government, not just pressure from government.

If you care like I do about the issues of: tax fairness, Wall Street regulation, green energy, fuel efficiency standards, climate change, education, infrastructure and infrastructure jobs, health care, gender equality, and marriage equality, then push Obama and Congress to move these ideas forward.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images