Niagara Detroit x Obey Giant Sneak Peek!

July 17, 2019

Today marks what would have been Ron Asheton’s 71st birthday, in celebration we are revealing a sneak peek of Niagara Detroit and Obey Giant‘s upcoming collaborative releases coming to 1xRUN.

“Any day is a good day that pays tribute to Ron’s contributions. Thank you, Shepard. Ron would bestow onto you, as he would say, “A hearty handshake.” – Niagara

So stick with me on this…The Sex Pistols were the gateway drug for a lot of good things for me (or bad depending who you ask) including my discovery of the Stooges, because the Sex Pistols covered the Stooges song “No Fun.” The Stooges made a lot of my favorite music, so of course I’m a huge fan of their guitarist Ron Asheton. I’ve also been a big fan since the ’90s of the artist Niagara who makes very stylish, pop-noir paintings with a dark sense of humor and sly wit. What I did not know until maybe 15 years ago, is that Ron Asheton and Niagara, both hailing from Detroit, were romantically and musically entangled! They played together in Destroy All Monsters and Dark Carnival… both great post-Stooges bands. I’ve become friends with Niagara, so we decided to collaborate by both making Ron and Niagara portrait art, which we’d then hand over to the other to enhance/destroy as they saw fit. Today is Ron’s birthday, so we thought we’d share an in-progress tease of the print collaborations to come. Bonnie and Clyde were lightweights…Niagara and Ron…the real deal! – Shepard

This collaborative edition will be released with Detroit’s 1xRUN and we will reveal the full details on these very special editions shortly, if you want to sign up for early access head to: to sign up.