New Screen Print by Brin Levinson

August 16, 2011

I first saw Brin Levinson’s work in Portland OR and purchased a painting I loved immediately. My good friend John Goff, who used to help me screen print in San Diego, likes Brin’s work as well, and just published a very cool screen print for him. It will be released Thurs. Check it out.

Brin Levinson is an artist hailing from Portland, Oregon, who has been creating a buzz with his paintings of urban scenes mixed with wildlife in juxtapositions that are dreamlike and foreboding. The viewer is left to ponder the idea of our urban landscapes in full collision with rampant wildlife inhabiting our streets and buildings. Levinson’s work dares you to contrast the landscape we have built with the natural world we have left.

The link to where I’ll be selling it is HERE.

Thanks, JG.