London x Sound & Vision x Part 2

October 12, 2012

Leaving off from our post… The weather gods were kind to us, that had rare sun spots and brisk breeze on Day 2  at the Ebor mural.  People seem to have gotten the word that Shepard was in town as the crowds grew throughout the day.  Shep being Shep, always has time for his fans.

First mural is done & done!!!  Shoplifters Welcome!

Headed back to Stolenspace to work on the record installation for the show, but on the way we ( I ) did a little site seeing of some other great artist


Conor Harrington


And of course a little of our own action from the previous night.

The set up has begins..

A little sneak peek of something for the stencil fans!

Finished up at the gallery and we had a nice english dinner, thanks to the Stolen Space crew.


Another day has begun and the crew is right back at it.  The Truman Brewery mural is under way.

Until the rain came and decided to stay, so we had to delay the mural work until the next morning..

Today (Friday)…

This morning was probably the warmest day so far, which was good cause it let the crew work without any problems.

Just about done… Will post the finished piece after the weekend!  In the meantime a teaser to hold you over the next couple of days – VERY VERY expensive truck delivery.

All Photos and commentary by Jon Furlong