London x Sound & Vision Final Recap

October 26, 2012

London, London,London… let me tell ya ’bout London. SOUND & VISION was my first solo show in London in five years, so I felt a lot of pressure to make Round 2 with the StolenSpace Gallery a strong showing. My NINETEENEIGHTYFOURIA show there in 2007 was a ginormous 20,000 foot extravaganza with some massive canvases and close to 200 pieces of art. This time around I showed over 200 pieces across two spaces, including a record store install with 1,000 of my own records, as well as doing three large outdoor painted murals with the help of my awesome crew of assistants. In addition, I asked my friend, frequent collaborator, and favorite DJ, Z-TRIP to create the soundtrack for the show,and also perform at the opening to really bring the sound to SOUND & VISION. Despite the gloomy weather and a few showers, we were able to complete the outdoor murals with enough time to grab some “pick-up” spots and still get the gallery install looking spiffy. I have to give a lot of credit to the amazing StolenSpace crew (D*Face, Leon, and Beth especially) and my posse of Dan Flores, Z Bomit, Jason Filipow, Jon Furlong, and Delphine for working long hours to make everything come together. Also, Simon and Romeo for their efforts with the OBEY Clothing pop-up store which was a great success. The opening was a blast with Z-TRIP crushing it on the wheels of steel, but I felt bad that the rain was unrelenting for people waiting in line to get into the gallery. To get more people through the gallery, Z-TRIP offered to play two sets allowing us to empty the gallery to get a second wave of folks in. I’m sorry to anyone who had to wait in the rain, but the gallery could only hold 500 at a time and the occupancy police were hawking. The event was overwhelmingly positive despite the capacity issues and rain. I am so grateful for the support people show and I wish it were possible for me to greet and thank everyone individually, so if you were there and are reading this… THANK YOU! Until next time… cheers mates.

-Shepard Fairey

The Record Shop Install

++ 1000 of Shepard’s personal records for everyone to enjoy ++

After numerous interviews, Shep snuck over to the Pop-Up Store to play some music.

!!! Opening Night !!!     (rain or shine)

DJ Z-TRIP live Sound & Vision Set !

Until Next show.

Photos by Jon Furlong, OBEY CLOTHING