Levi’s Haus Miami

December 13, 2019

Flashback to Levi Haus Miami! Last week we kicked off a new partnership with Levi’s to benefit the ACLU. Thanks to everyone who made it out! I’ve worked with both Levi’s and the ACLU for many years, and I think the ACLU works very hard to protect important, guiding principals of our society and democracy. I’m proud to partner with Levi’s to align itself with such an important organization and proudly support the ACLU.

You can check out the Levi’s Haus in Miami, up through February, where they have denim customization featuring my art, art from Futura, and other participating artists. Customers can also personalize their jeans with designs, including some of my messages of empowerment through the Future Finish design studio – Levi’s advanced laser technology. Another big focus for Art Basel was to offer visitors to the Levi’s Haus Miami a way to create posters using stencils of my graphics and some key ACLU phrases as a way to celebrate the partnership and give everyone something meaningful to walk away with. We are excited to extend the collaboration beyond Art Basel and into 2020 with more activity in key cities. Stay tuned for more to come with Levi’s x Obey Clothing x ACLU