The Kills 7″ Avail. 03/01!

March 01, 2018

I’ve been a fan of The Kills for years. I initially fell in love with them because I can’t resist great garage rock with attitude, grit, and a vocalist like Alison Mosshart, who has a ridiculous amount of heart and soul. In recent years though, they’ve turned into even more than that. They’re now great songwriters who have stayed true to their roots but have also expanded their musical palette.

 When Alison and Jamie approached me about doing the art for their song “List of Demands,” I was excited both because I love their version of the song, and I think it’s a song that makes sense given the state of things in the world right now. We need music that speaks to the struggles of the average person in the face of oppressive powers. The art I created was meant to reflect the sentiment of the song, and the idea that people can have power in numbers and can look back at those in power with their hands up, and make their demands. The do-it-yourself spirit of punk rock and activist propaganda influenced the art and design. – Shepard Fairey
The Kills – List of Demands (Reparations). 7” Vinyl Record. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Limited to 50. Unnumbered. $10. Available Thursday, March 1 between 10 and 11AM (PST) on