Invader Goes to Space

December 21, 2016

Space Invader has translated dawn of the 80’s 8-bit video game imagery into high concept mosaic tile artwork.  Space Invader’s translation of pixel/screen to tile/street is a perfect example turning limitations into assets. I’m amazed by what Invader has done with such minimal ingredients. His work is iconic and instantly recognizable. I first met Invader in 1999 or 2000 in Los Angeles.  I had seen his mosaics on the street in London in 1999, so I was happy to get an unexpected email from him that he would like to go on a street art mission together while in L.A.  Since then, we have collaborated in gallery spaces and public spaces alike.  He is one of the most motivated artists I know. With his ART4SPACE mission to send his art to space, it seems almost preposterous but only someone with the work ethic that he has and the creative intuition could maneuver such a feat.

Please take a moment to watch this film, which showcases his incredible journey and obsession to send on of his art pieces to space.