Honor The Treaties film awarded Best Short Doc.

November 26, 2012

The “Honor the Treaties” art and film project that began with collaborations by Shepard Fairey, photographer Aaron Huey, and artist Ernesto Yerena has won the Best Short Documentary at the 9th Annual Red Nation Film Festival in Los Angeles.  Last Wednesday the 14 minute film about Aaron Huey and Shepard Fairey by Director  Eric Becker won Best Short Doc.  That same night Shepard was awarded the “Activist Award,” voted on by Native Americans in the Film Industry.  Huey was also honored with the “Vision Award” for evolving dialogue and journalism on Native issues.  Both artists received handmade drums and spoke to an audience about their process last week in Los Angeles.  The speeches culminated with a call to action for both the Native and Activist communities.  “This is the time to be loud.  Make your voices heard!  The Black Hills Are Not For Sale!”
Photo courtesy of Red Nation Film Festival
iphone photo by by Aaron Huey
The image created by Huey and Fairey is currently being used in Protests in South Dakota, Nebraska, and California to protest the occupation of the Black Hills and the long road still ahead for Treaty Rights.  The images are also being pasted in dozens of cities across the US.
Photo courtesy of Lakota People’s Law Project
T-shirts with the images by all 3 artists will be available as part of Obey Clothing’s 2013 Awareness Campaign.
For free high resolution downloads of the art and to learn more about the treaties please visit www.honorthetreaties.org
To learn more about the Black Hills and life in American Prisoner of War Camp #344 (Pine Ridge Indian Reservation) please visit www.aaronhuey.com
 Photo courtesy of Lakota People’s Law Project