Global Warmings Terrifying New Math

July 23, 2012

I passionately agree with the almost universal scientific consensus that climate change is not only real, but one of the gravest threats facing the planet. Even if I were less convinced about climate change, as a conscientious steward of the planet for future generations, I’d still want to err on the side of protecting the planet. The concessions to move in the right direction on carbon emissions are small compared to the consequences of going further in the wrong direction. A lot of people are in denial, selfish, or just ignorant about the science. The news tends to give equal weight to the voices that deny climate change even though they represent  a very small minority. Common sense is all it takes to follow the money and recognize who stands to gain from denying climate change… fossil fuels companies. The media perpetuates the false equivalency between for and against opinions on climate change because it boosts ratings to indulge the fringe arguments. Rolling Stone has a very thorough article on global warming that I think anyone concerned about life on the planet should read. Thanks for caring.  ~Shepard