Future Vision at DASH School in Miami, FL!

December 06, 2019

This mural, “Future Vision”, is on the DASH School (Design and Architecture Senior High School) in the Design District of Miami. I was lucky enough to do a year of art high school, so I know how much impact a focused art curriculum can have! I had an opportunity to talk to a group of seniors about my art practice, philosophy, and the mural. I was very impressed with the questions they asked and the sophistication of their thoughts on art, design, and the world. I am confident those DASH students will develop a vision for a better future and serve as a reminder of the value of art in school.

Special thanks to my crew of Nic, Dan, and Rob for the assistance, Jonathan Furlong for documenting, the staff of DASH school, and Hublot and Hublot North America for helping support the mural production!

Photos: Jonathan Furlong