Farmhouse Conf 3 x Shepard Fairey – November 3rd

October 31, 2012

Farmhouse Conf 3 is the third installment of Hollywood’s best backyard storytelling conference. 1 day / 1 track, 10 speakers (5 men / 5 women), no slides, no projectors. Amazing people telling incredible stories of Disruption.
The event brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and influences. The big vision is to get amazing people together, inspire them, give them time and space to cross pollinate… then watch what great things come from it. Attendees are welcome to camp in the backyard if you bring your own gear (tent, sleeping bag, etc).
All the food and drinks are provided during the day and night. After the day of talks, we party into the night with live music, free booze and tasty treats.
1558 Gordon St / LA, CA / 90028

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  Shepard Fairey
    OBEYGIANT. Loved/hated street/gallery artist.
  Zoetica Ebb
    Moscow-born, LA-raised artist, writer, photographer.
  Peter Young
    Convicted “eco-terrorist” and former fugitive.
  Michael Lopp (@rands)
    Silicon Valley people and software builder.
  Andy Baio @waxpancake. Kind of Bloop. XOXO.
  Kate Darling
    Robots, law & econ, pr0n. MIT Media Lab.
  Caroline Woolard
    Guerrilla artist. Bartering activist. Designer.
  Megan Dean
    Moth Attack. World renown steel bike frame builder.
  Justin Ouellette creator. Hated adversary of RIAA.
  The Blue Ribbon Glee Club
    80s/90s punk and indie covers, glee club style.
Past Speakers:
– Brian (Crimethinc)
– Eric Gradman
– Greg Bennick
– Jenny Ryan
– Maggie Mayhem
– Marc Horowitz
– Mitch Artman
– Nova Han
– Simone Syed
– Tara Brown
– Aaron Patterson
– Eli Duke
– Evan Phoenix
– Leah Silber
– Meghann Millard
– Micki Krimmel
– Sarah Mei
– Sean Bonner
– Suzan Bond
– Tj Nelson Jr
For more information, click here   or check out Facebook!