Earth Day 2019

April 22, 2019

Like I’ve said before, every day should be Earth Day. We are part of nature, not above it, and when we don’t treat our home well, it will eventually not treat us well. We (powerful corporations especially) are behaving like the earth is indestructible… and it isn’t! Hopefully, you don’t need to be a “nature” person to understand that this planet is the one we humans and all other species have to live on. We don’t need to behave like greedy, short-sighted, pigs, and we certainly shouldn’t let our corporations behave that way at our expense and their profit. I hope that anyone who appreciates natural beauty can understand why I try to use my art to highlight environmental issues. My good friend, activist, and investigative journalist David DeGraw has some informative things to say about the agencies who are currently looting our natural resources. Please visit his recent Facebook post to read about it. Thanks for caring. – Shepard

“On Earth Day, we should probably pay attention to the fact that our natural resources are being looted for pennies on the dollar at record-breaking extraction rates. It’s such a smash & grab heist that our land is being polluted in unprecedented fashion. Water supplies are being contaminated in communities across the entire country.

The Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management, the agencies who oversee our natural resources, are being run by people who worked with the global corporations that are currently looting our natural resources.

The U.S. is now the world’s top oil and gas “exporter.”

In 2018, petroleum production increased by 1.3 million barrels per day… by 1.3 million barrels per day.

Quite the smash and grab imperial heist.

Everyone talks about how the wars in the Middle East are driven by oil and the theft of natural resources, yet here we are in the US, having our resources stolen by the same Global War Profiteers who are robbing Middle Eastern resources… and we are the biggest energy exporter now. So not only do we get buried in debt by paying trillions to fund the Global War Profiteers, now we even have the most resources being “exported” (stolen)!

A win-win for war profiteers, a lose-lose for Americans.

And our corrupted Congress has now decided to “sell” off 290 million barrels of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Given the strategic importance of keeping our energy reserve supplies after recent extreme weather events, after major storms caused us to use more of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve recently, it is shocking that they would now decide to cut our Strategic Petroleum Reserve in half now. That leaves us wide open & exposed for when new disasters strike.

It’s imperial plunder. Corruption is running amok.

We have to overcome divide & conquer propaganda / partisanship / identity politics, and unite against global imperialism.

We are all on the same sinking / burning ship…

Happy Earth Day!!” – David DeGraw

This excerpt was posted to Facebook here.