February 28, 2022

Based on my observations, no matter what flag or ideology it is wrapped in, violence is almost always motivated by ego, greed, and an inability to work diplomatically with others. In the case of the invasion of Ukraine, I believe all of those factors are at work, and many people are already suffering unnecessarily. This image symbolizes my support for the Ukrainian people and my support for anyone who believes that peace is preferable to war. Prioritize diplomacy and creativity over violence!

Show solidarity with the people of Ukraine and opponents of the invasion of Ukraine through this free download. Thanks for caring.

ATTENTION: These downloads are for personal use only NOT for commercial usage. For other usage, contact us here.

Download Poster (pdf)

Additionally, an NFT edition of 8,900 will release in the coming days. For 24 hours, this NFT will be free to claim for DEGENERATE/REGENERATE NFT holders and priced at 0.05 ETH for everyone else. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Ukrainian humanitarian efforts. Funds generated from primary and secondary sales will be split between the RELI3F project and the UkraineDAO. Further details on this release will be made available in the Obey Giant Discord – discord.gg/obey