July 23, 2008

An Interview with the Artist

by Sean Hartman | July 23, 2008

You’ve seen his art on the streets. You’ve seen his shirts on celebrities, musicians and tattoo artists. You’ve seen him featured in everything from skateboard magazines to fine art publications. He’s been a character in a video game, a guest on Dave Navarro and Henry Rollins’ talk shows, and his iconic Andre the Giant face has been seen literally everywhere. He’s Shepard Fairey, and you know him. Even if you haven’t realized that you’re familiar with his work, you are. Although over the years he’s become known as “the OBEY guy”, he’s much more than that. He’s a father, a businessman, a DJ and a hell of an artist. One might argue about whether or not he’s an artist, and perhaps his style isn’t for everyone… but one thing is certain—Shepard Fairey works harder than you.