Help take money out of politics!

April 20, 2017

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AB 14, crucial bill against dark money, is in the Assembly Elections Committee!

Nearly $1 billion dollars was spent on California ballot measures the last three elections, most of it hiding behind misleading names. It’s corrupting our democracy.

We must stop secret money in political ads ― which AB 14, the California DISCLOSE Act, will do.

AB 14 requires ballot measure ads – and ads about candidates by outside groups like SuperPACs – to clearly and prominently disclose the real names of their top 3 funders, right on the ads themselves. Finally, Californians will see who’s really trying to buy our elections. This will make a huge difference!

AB 14 soon faces a do-or-die vote in the Assembly Elections Committee. It won’t pass without support of the committee members and the leadership of Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon.

Sign the petition to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and the committee members saying that you’re counting on them to lead against Dark Money in politics by passing AB 14 — even if you’ve signed another petition!

Sign the Petition Now! 

With more secretive Big Money than ever in the last election – and buying elections on every level – California must lead the nation out of this mess now. That’s why over 30,000 Californians have already signed petitions for AB 14 and Clean Money volunteers are gathering thousands of signatures at rallies and marches this month.

We need to make sure that the Assembly Elections Committee doesn’t delay AB 14 or require amendments letting Dark Money billionaires off the hook by watering down its disclosure requirements.

Sign the petition to the Assembly Elections Committee for AB 14 now — even if you’ve signed another petition for it!

Here’s what the petition says:

“It’s wrong to allow political ads to intentionally mislead voters about who paid for them. That’s why we need your leadership to pass AB 14 to ensure ballot measure ads and SuperPAC attack ads must show their true funders — even if powerful interests oppose it.

This is a moment of truth.  Don’t allow the Elections Committee to delay or amend AB 14 to let Dark Money billionaires off the hook at the expense of our democracy.”