August 03, 2021

In conjunction with their latest exhibition, Beyond The Streets on Paper asked me 10 questions themed around the idea of “back to the drawing board”. Read a bit below and make sure to check out the full interview on their website!

BEYOND THE STREETS on PAPER, on view at the SOUTHAMPTON ARTS CENTER in Southampton, New York from July 17—August 28, 2021

Beyond The Streets: Has the past year impacted or influenced your work in any way? How so?
Shepard Fairey: Covid being a global pandemic, has, of course, made me think about the delicate interconnected nature of humanity. Additionally, it has made me consider the delicate nature of the environment and how that affects all humans and other species. For many years, I’ve created artwork addressing environmental concerns and climate change. Still, the pandemic has given me even more motivation to address those issues and the fragility of our planet in my work. I feel lucky that through the pandemic, I could still work in most of the same ways I could pre-pandemic and the lack of in-person social engagements meant that I could spend more time on my art thinking and experimenting, which I found therapeutic and rewarding. 

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