ART > MONEY: Design to Define a Movement – Contest

September 26, 2012

“So… many of you know that I believe in the power of art to shed light on politics and encourage people to investigate issues further. You may also know that I’m passionate about eliminating the corrupting influence of money in politics. I want democracy to work for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful. Well, bam!… the unPAC campaign is an opportunity to bring art and ant-corruption activism together. Please check it out and help to create and spread some great art while inspiring the restoration of democracy!   This competition is about empowering people to take back control of their democracy, not from one party or another, but from the influx of money that has concentrated political power in the hands of the few.  It’s about using art to push back against the existing power structures in our society and inspiring real change”.   -Shepard

Over the years, we’ve been asked to review portfolios and provide constructive feedback.   Here’s a great opportunity for you to get your work in front of Shepard and possibly win $3,000 in prize money.   Check it out!

Big money is pouring into our elections and threatening the basic democratic principle of “one person, one vote.” Without billions of dollars to fight back, we need all the creativity we can get.

That’s where you come in. Today we’ve joined with allied organizations to launch a nationwide contest called
 ART > MONEY: Design to Define a Movement. We are inviting everyone – from artists to activists – to create an iconic image that sheds new light on the problem of big money in politics and inspires our country to act.

Will you create the image that helps us restore our democracy? 

The contest will be open to submissions from NOW until October 11th. The winning artist will receive $3,000 and his or her image will be shared far and wide during a coordinated “art drop” in the weeks leading up to the election.

We have an expert panel of judges who will select the winning image, including:


Iconic art has inspired action throughout our history, from Benjamin Franklin’s confrontational Join, or Die – the image that inspired American Patriots to unite against the British Empire – to Shepard Fairey’s aspirational ‘HOPE’ poster. These images became the symbols of extraordinary movements, captivating the hearts and minds of a nation.

Click here to learn more about the competition and to submit your artwork. 

We look forward to seeing what you create.

****Please make note that this contest is not managed by OBEY Giant Art.  
If you have any questions about the contest, please contact our partner for more information.