4th of July

July 04, 2019

The 4th of July commemorates American independence from England and, in theory, a move to democracy over monarchy. The holiday is sometimes used by politicians for nationalistic political grandstanding, but I think that it is important to recognize the difference between democracy and monarchy, as well as the difference between nationalism and patriotism. We are momentarily stuck with a president who’d prefer to be a monarch than someone accountable to democracy. He is also someone who loves nationalism, because he knows nationalists fall in line with the national power structure regardless of whether its policies are good for the citizens. I consider myself a patriot, not a nationalist… I believe in the potential of the nation to do good for its citizens and the world, and I will push to amend the flaws and further the good policies. I will not pledge allegiance to a bad agenda and bad policies. The founders had to go to war for democracy, but we only need to vote in elections and vote with our wallets… it matters who we support with our dollars. Let’s use the 4th as a reminder that democracy is a privilege that must be maintained through action! Thanks for caring. – Shepard

Photo: Jon Furlong