WOOSTER MURAL, NYC : Dec 15, 16, 17

December 16, 2006

I recently went to NY to do some art installations inside and outside. 11 Spring St. which is a building I had frequently put art on illegally is being renovated and the new owners were kind enough to give the street artists a last hurrah with the guidance of the Wooster Collective (www.woostercollective.com). I was able to do a 14 by 25 foot piece inside and a small piece on the cluttered outside. For those in NY the building is open Dec 15, 16, and 17… and that’s it. My wife and daughter stayed in LA, so I also got to hit the streets with WK Interact. Dan Flores kept an eye out for the fuzz and helped with the cold late night missions. Check out the street improvements. Thanks to WK, Wooster Collective, and Dan. Oh, lastly, a sad note on the NY front. Some spineless asshole has splattered yellow paint on a couple of my pieces in Brooklyn. Whoever you are, have the guts to sign your work. Haters never prosper… karma will catch up and I’d like to make that happen sooner than later. If anyone has info on the culprit, I would appreciate the tip. Happy Holidaze y’all.
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