Wide Awakes 2020

September 17, 2020

I’m proud to be a member of Wide Awakes, a network of thousands of artists working together to build art to get out the vote, and agitate for change before AND after the election. We believe in the power to radically reimagine the future.

Wide Awakes believes that art has the power to wake people up. Art is a tool to educate, motivate, and activate our citizenry. In this election year and beyond, Wide Awakes is gathering all of our creative ventures under a common umbrella to unleash the power of art on an unprecedented scale. Wide Awakes need everyone’s help to make all these projects come to life!

If you donate $100 to Wide Awakes’ Kickstarter, you’ll receive my limited edition, WIDE AWAKE print. It’s a 18 x 24 inch silkscreen, printed with GOLD INK. Signed by me and numbered at an edition of 450. You can also get the unsigned version in the $50 Amplifier Poster Pack. Visit their Kickstarter to support now. As always, thanks for caring!