“While Supplies Last!” Mural in Dallas, Texas

September 26, 2022

The crew and I just returned from Dallas where we painted a new mural and I opened my largest museum show of brand new fine art at Dallas Contemporary. The week was a whirlwind, and I’ll post more images later, but for now… here is the final shot of the outdoor mural in the East Quarter at the corner of Commerce and Cesar Chavez. The “While Supplies Last!” mural is a reminder to preserve the health of the planet so it can continue to sustain things we value. Speaking of global warming, the weather was about 15 degrees hotter than normal for late Sept, so we were working in high 90’s temps for the 3 days it took to paint the mural. I appreciate the effort from my team of Nic Bowers, Dan Flores, Rob Zagula, and Jon Furlong (on a mix of photography and painting) under such intense, genuinely brutal, working conditions. Thank you also to Pedro Alonzo, Dallas Contemporary, and the East Quarter group for facilitating this amazing mural location.