We Heart Justin

June 02, 2009

The great people at Poketo, along with Will Hays, Chris Bettig, and Zach Gibson have organized a fund raiser / emotional booster for one of our favorite people, Justin Van Hoy, who has been suffering and battling with Leukemia for quite some time now. He has just been released from being in the hospital for 3 months undergoing chemo for the 2nd time, radiation & a bone marrow transplant. Justin, and his amazing wife, Holly, are struggling physically, mentally and financially. We are organizing events for them to show our love and support all over the US, and we are organizing an evening here in Los Angeles on Friday June 5th at the Poketo Studio in downtown. We are going to have a silent art auction, featuring artworks generously donated by :

Derek Albeck, Jeremy Baker, Sheli Ben-Ner, Christopher Bettig, Kime Buzzelli, Ryan Callis, Josh Cochran, Michael Coleman, Leah Chun, Shepard Fairey, Jason Filipow, Sarajo Frieden, Zach Gibson, Matt Goldman, Josh Hart, Kristian Henson, Caroline Hwang, Jordan Isip, Katsuo Design, Mel Kadel, Anne Keehn, Phillip Lumbang, Blake E. Marquis, Bill McRight, Travis Millard, Jesselisa Moretti, Saejeen Oh, Saelee Oh, Jared Purrington, Ye Rin Mok, Casey Ryder, Ashkahn Shahparnia, Damion Silver, Skyrocket Studios, Jeana Sohn, Sumi Ink Club, Marissa Textor, Amanda Visell, David Weidman, Ernesto Yerena, Marco Zamora, Florencio Zavala As well as products donated by Obey Clothing, Poketo & Swindle!

The auction is over at 9pm, and the winners will be announced and they will receive their artwork at 10pm… the auction is CASH ONLY so please come prepared. (checks will be accepted for higher priced items, but we’ll need ID etc.)

Justin is an amazing person and artist. For those of you who think you don’t know him, well you actually do, Justin has worked with Shepard Fairey, was the art director of Swindle Magazine, he’s worked with Roger Gastman for several years on a variety of projects including book designs to projects with Boost Mobile, he’s worked on projects for DKNY, DIM MAK, American Apparel, Threadless, worked on a bunch of stuff with Mark the Cobra Snake and on and on and on…


– LA EVENT : JUNE 5, 2009 7-10 PM
– POKETO : 510 S Hewitt St #506 Los Angeles, CA 90013
100% of the $ raised will go to Justin & Holly
– This is one of many events across the US that weekend that friends of Justin are throwing to help lift his spirits and to raise some $, please help out however you can. Any and all help is appreciated! Anyone anywhere can make a donation HERE