War Profiteers and the Ebay Market

May 01, 2007

Date: April 26, 2007 4:08:27 PM PDT
To: info@obeygiant.com
Subject: war profitteers and the ebay market

I’m sure you’ve thought of this but…. The issue concerning Shep’s art turning up on Ebay at astronomical prices has discouraged me as a collector for some time now. I used to be able to go straight to Jerry down at Ducky’s to view and possibly buy a print at leisure, but now, not so much. I think its good, in a way, Obey gaining a following, making some profit, supporting the company and its people, and then in turn sponsoring other good causes. I’m not writing here to attack that issue. However, the recent appearance of the Darfur print on Ebay is what really sickens me. Making profit on the suffering of others is called war profiteering and I hate to think fans of Obey would sink to the same levels as the Bush administration. Sorry Ebay sellers, but your guilty. Shepard is donating, your profiting, big difference. I propose to anyone selling these prints with a conscious to donate their profits back to Darfur or take them down from the market. In the event this does not happen, please join me in flagging these people who have not thought their actions through.

We were actually on our way to addressing this issue but we recently received this email from a supporter and we wanted to express our appreciation for the thoughts and suggestions presented here. Everyone at OBEY shares the frustration of our emailer and we all have very strong feelings about those people who recently purchased the HOPE FOR DARFUR print and have now turned to EBAY to sell it for a profit. To purchase to a print knowing our intentions and to consciously exploit the cause for a quick buck is exactly everything Shepard and OBEY are against. We are extremely disappointed and upset that there are “fans” of OBEY and Shepard’s work that would go to such lengths. As a result we want announce that if you are identified as one of those people auctioning their print without contributing 100% of the profits to some charity aiding the crisis in DARFUR or do not withdraw their auction all together – YOU WILL BE NO LONGER ABLE TO PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM OBEY GIANT ART INDEFINITELY! This is not a joke and will be the only warning. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and will happily do so, especially in this case.

With that said, we would like thank all of the true supporters who have emailed and purchased the DARFUR print with the intention of raising awareness and aid to such a horrid situation. THANK YOU!