March 23, 2007

Tactics to create a climate of fear are nothing new… check out this LBJ Presidential ad from 1964. LBJ escalated U.S. military presence in Vietnam as soon as he took office. The irony is that as we worry about outside threats to our kids, we are creating a culture where it is fine to bomb kids from other countries like Vietnam or Iraq. The Iraqi civilian body count due to U.S. forces is between 56 and 62 thousand. See more at www.iraqbodycount.org/database. No wonder there isn’t a lot of popular support in Iraq for the American versions of freedom and democracy. I feel just as bad for our troops who are being killed. Now we are mired in a civil war that is terrible for us and them. Try to keep in perspective that for every media image of a disabled U.S. veteran of the war in Iraq, there are 20 Iraqis who are in a similar or worse situation.

Check out this print that Shepard made as his reaction to the thought of being a part of a society that cultivates the justification of killing foreign innocent children, and people for that matter, to protect “our” idea of freedom and democracy. The print will be sold in 2 color ways with both color ways having editions of 300. These prints will be for sale on Tuesday, March 27th at noon. In addition, a portion of the profits from the sales of this print will be donated to the following organizations.