Voting Rights are Human Rights

October 26, 2020

What I wanted to do on my last trip to Milwaukee is remind people how important it is to assert their right to vote. The inspiration behind the art of this “Voting Rights are Human Rights” mural is the image of an anonymous marcher from a civil rights march, originally photographed by Steve Schapiro. I felt that this subject is emblematic of the ongoing fight.

It was important to me that I wasn’t the only voice in this piece. I feel very lucky that artists Tyanna Buie, Niki Johnson, Tom Jones, Claudio Martinez, and Dyani Whitehawk, were open to being included in the mural to demonstrate the need for voting rights and racial and social justice! I hope that people will look at this mural and be reminded that their voice matters in shaping the future.

Special thanks to my mural crew for all the hard work, Hanson Dodge for this awesome video, and to Wallpapered City, Black Box Fund, the Milwaukee Bucks for the support on this project!