Vote With Snoop

September 22, 2020

I’m honored to create this portrait of Snoop Dogg for Rock The Vote, 1 Vote Closer, and OneOpp‘s online voter registration drive, Vote With Snoop!… I’ve been a fan since The Chronic came out! I’m grateful to Snoop for being outspoken, stepping up civically, and showing that it’s never too late to empower oneself by voting! Posters of this portrait will be placed in several cities around the country, be on the lookout!

“This is gonna be the first election I am voting in. How the system is set up, I honestly didn’t know that I was allowed to vote based on my past history. My record has been expunged so I’m gonna be out there this election. I have to get involved. As I’m looking around at what is happening in the world right now, I know that we need to make an immediate change and we can’t sit back idle, which is why, along with OneOpp, I’ve partnered with Rock The Vote and 1VoteCloser. I’m gonna use my voice and Influence to let people know that the only option is to get out and vote.” -Snoop Dogg