Violent Mob Storms the Capitol – Watch this from RepresentUs.

January 07, 2021

This attempt to overturn a free and fair election is unconscionable. This is a full frontal attack on our democracy built on falsehoods and disinformation. It’s being called sedition, treason, domestic terrorism, but we must call this what it is: a coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol — a building and institution that is yours and mine — called for and encouraged by the U.S. president.

The blame begins at the feet of President Trump, and his willingness to shred the Constitution and rule of law in order to keep power; but it does not end there. This madness is what happens when a political system ceases to function because we have ignored its flaws for too long.

It’s what happens when deeply flawed election and campaign finance laws fuel polarization, extremism and corruption. It’s what happens when we rely on “norms” instead of clear laws to check presidential power. It’s what happens when digital misinformation is not sufficiently addressed. It’s what happens when democracy reaches a state of deep crisis.

While you watch this stunning and terrifying chain of events unfold, please resist the urge to simply hope that things will improve when this President is out of the White House.

These problems will only be fixed — democracy will only be restored — by fixing the system itself. By changing how our politicians are elected; how they finance their campaigns; how they are held to account once in office… and how we ensure Americans have access to facts, not lies and political propaganda that fuel today’s events.

Our work has never been more important.


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