The Human Trial


I’ve always believed in supporting grassroots movements. Good ideas should rise to the top regardless of whether they are supported by deep-pockets or those with more ingenuity than resources. Shedding light on ingenuity in the race to find a cure for diabetes is the goal of the documentary “The Human Trial”. The film follows the patients and scientists of a clinical trial that looks like it might find the cure for diabetes. The film weaves together the scientific, social and political threads of the story of the rivalry between labs, the role of the FDA, and the influence of Big Pharma, to produce a groundbreaking film that asks: What is stopping us from stopping this disease? Diabetes hits home for me because I’m a type 1 diabetic. To contribute to the making of this film, I designed the movie poster which will also be a T-shirt to raise funds for the cause. You can participate by picking up a shirt and raising funds and awareness for the “The Human Trial” documentary as it brings world attention to finding a cure for diabetes. Thanks for caring. -Shepard