Underdogs Projecta

April 25, 2020

Today is Freedom Day in Portugal and I’m partnering with Underdogs Gallery to celebrate their project, Underdogs Projecta. 5 countries, in over 10 cities all over the world have united for this celebration. Underdogs Projecta will come to life through your window and screen, as empty walls in different corners of the globe will fill up with projected art from me and @maismenos @wastedrita @addfuel @akacorleone @tamara_aalves and @julien_raaffin. Be sure to follow @underdogs_gallery‘s stories between 9pm and 11pm GMT to watch the projections from all over the world in real time! If you’re lucky and see the projections from your window at home, share it on your page and tag @underdogs_gallery.
From your window or through your screen, Underdogs will turn April 25th into a collective, free, and creative celebration of freedom. Enjoy!