Throwback to Hong Kong 2016

May 07, 2020

Due to the current health crisis, my team and I are in LA, missing the excitement of traveling to cities around the world. I typically travel several times throughout the year to paint murals and do art shows. We show up and immediately get to work, painting for long hours to ┬áturn a blank wall into public art; creating something free and accessible to people going about their daily lives. At the same time, we work with galleries to coordinate art exhibitions, curating, installing, adjusting, and then sharing and celebrating. Until there are new trips to plan for, I’ll be throwing it back to some of the ones I’ve loved! Here’s a look back at one memorable trip to Hong Kong in 2016. All shots captured by Jonathan Furlong. Thanks to all of you who have come out to one of my art shows or to watch a mural progress! -Shepard