The real deal

September 22, 2008

Another Obama post? I know there have been many posts and articles about my support for Barack Obama, but this article is the most thorough history of my involvement. I also thought it would be good to re-post the free Obama vector art download. I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic when I say that this great country is in danger of remaining in the hands of lunatics who have shrewdly manipulated the bewildered herd into thinking the Republicans are the “populist” or “family values” party. McCain has nine houses and he calls Obama an “elitist”. I’m so disheartened that people are falling for that crap. Let’s push things forward.


If you are still interested in helping get the word out we have made a Downloadable Version of the OBAMA paster so you can print out your own paster to put on the streets. To download the image please right click here and save it to your computer. This downloadable image is not to be used for merchandise or any other profitable means and it is a copyrighted image of Shepard Fairey and OBEY GIANT ART.