The Birdsong Project: Art Print Portfolio

November 20, 2023

Shepard Fairey and The Birdsong Project’s Randall Poster have joined forces to gather a group of artists to collaborate on a limited edition box set portfolio to celebrate the joy of birds, while drawing our attention to the environmental threats we all face. The box set will feature prints from artists Brian Calvin, Danny Romeril, Deedee Cheriel, Duke Riley, Eggpicnic, Ernesto Yerena, Faith47, Isobel Harvey, Jim Houser, Joonbug, Kevin Earl Taylor, Keya Tama, Lovehawk, Mark Mothersbaugh, Monica Canilao, Ravi Zupa, Shepard Fairey, Sophie Wake, Tim Biskup, and TOMO77.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the box set will benefit the National Audubon Society as the Birdsong Project is a community dedicated to protecting bird life and celebrating the joy and mysteries of birdsong.

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