The America We Need

April 20, 2020

I subscribe to the New York Times, and I’m usually impressed with the quality of their journalism, but I often feel I’m getting bits of information without a more in-depth explanation of how that information fits into the bigger picture puzzle of America and the world. I was extremely happy to read in yesterday’s NY Times a large section called “The America We Need” because it examined how the coronavirus crisis has revealed different issues of inequality in wealth and healthcare access, and what many of the historical factors are. The articles touched on access to the American dream and whether the government is serving the people by improving quality of life, lifting people out of poverty, expanding the middle class, and fostering equality, or whether it is implementing policies that further income inequality. If you care about all the variables and historical precedents that factor into where we are now and where we have the opportunity to go as a nation, I’d highly recommend reading this group of articles. If you are not a New York Times subscriber, please consider supporting their thoughtful journalism because we need trusted sources as a counterpoint to all of the sensational and dishonest “news.” Thanks for caring!